Tomatillo Salsa

February 01, 2019

Tomatillo Salsa

By Stuart Cristol-Deman, courtesy of

Makes About 2 Cups



1 lb tomatillos, husk on
1 white onion, cut in half and ends trimmed
4 cloves garlic, skin on
1 jalapeno, serrano or pasilla pepper
Juice of 1 lime
1 bunch of cilantro


  1. Heat a Chamba comal over medium-low heat for a few minutes. Put the garlic cloves and onion halves on the comal.
  2. Cook the onion 3-5 minutes per side until nicely browned and charred in some places. Turn the garlic as needed to get a good char on the skins.
  3. Remove to a plate when done to cool.
  4. Place the tomatillos on the comal. If using a jalapeno, or serrano chili, place on the comal as well. If using a pasilla, place directly on a gas flace to char all sides evenly, turning often. 
  5. Turn the tomatillos often until the husks are dark brown and charred in places. Some might burst and release a little juice, but this is ok.
  6. Remove items from the comal in batches as they are done, placing the tomatillos on the plate with the onion and garlic and the peppers on the counter either in a tightly closed paper bag or under a bowl. 
  7. Allow the pepper to steam for 5-10 minutes, then scrape off the charred skin with a paring knife (wearing gloves for this is highly recommended).
  8. Split the pepper open and remove some seeds and the white veins for a milder heat, or leave some in if you like it hotter
  9. Remove the papery husks from the garlic, onion, and tomatillos. Add to a blender along with the pepper, lime juice, and cilantro. Pulse for a chunky salsa or puree for a smoother sauce.

Serve as is for chips and beans; use as the base of a soup such as Posole Verde; cook down and use for enchiladas verde or chicken or pork verde.

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