Spring Pasta Newsletter

April 16, 2018

A good pasta dish transforms everyday ingredients into something extraordinary any day of the week. Springtime inspires a fresh repertoire of pasta dishes that feature seasonal ingredients ready to satisfy - all made in a jiffy.

IN THIS ISSUE, we present a twist on a classic carbonara, a super-quick spring pesto, and simple handmade ricotta gnudi tossed in a buttery wine sauce. We invite you to enjoy spring's fresh flavors with pasta. Buon appetito!

 All Clad 3 Qt Stainless Saute Pan

A great saute pan is key for finishing sauces and dressing pastas on the stovetop.

RSVP Pierced Colanders

This is the perfect colander for small pasta and rice. The tiny perforations ensure that dinner won't fall through the holes!

Stainless Rotary Cheese Grater

Use a rotary grater for garnishing with fresh cheese right at the table! Dishwasher safe.

OXO Locking Tongs

Tongs work well for transferring al dente pasta directly to pan sauce. Toss well for restaurant quality results!

Endurance 8 Qt Multi-Cooker

Pasta loves to cook in generous amounts of water - use a big pot! This one's perfect for the task including a basket for lifting and draining.

Epicurean Pasta Server

Scoop out cooked pasta quickly and easily!

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