October Newsletter: Mastering Rice and Risotto

October 09, 2017

Three words. Creamy, silky, risotto. This velvety rice dish has been a crowd favorite for centuries . . . and for good reason! Yes, it requires patience, but, in return, it delivers delicious, mouth-watering results. Fall is our preferred time to prepare a hearty batch of risotto -- it's a great comfort-style food perfect for transitioning into the new season.

IN THIS ISSUE, we explore some rice basics, then present three different risotto recipes that are sure to comfort and warm everyone at your table. After mastering risotto basics, you'll find that it's a great dish for improvisational cooking throughout the season ahead.
Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker

An amazing unit that is a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and yogurt maker - all in one!!

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Cook rice or any grain to perfection every time with hands-off convenience.

Breville Immersion Blender

A hand blender that blends, purees, and more. Great for pureeing butternut squash. A key tool for soup season!

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

A classic pot that's a kitchen workhorse for so many dishes! The enameled cast iron keeps heat evenly distributed - great for making risotto.

Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew

Wine is key to flavorful risotto! Nonslip grips remove the cork in two easy motions!

All-Clad Saucier

The curved sides of this saucier work well when stirring risotto and sauces!

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