Make Crepes for Mom!

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SAVORY & SWEET CREPES are an impressive, yet deceptively easy brunch entree -- perfect for celebrating Mother's Day! IN THIS ISSUE, we delve into the basics of making crepes, share three delicious recipes, and get you started with some ideas for improvising with crepes.


 Crepe Making Tools

Chantal Induction Ceramic Non-Stick Fry









The shallow sides of this nonstick pan allow easy access and turning of the crepes. Also perfect for quesadillas and omelets. 

Silicone Flexible Pancake Turner

An Indispensable turner that's both flexible and sturdy. Perfect for turning crepes, flipping pancakes, or transferring burgers.


Vitamix Blender

Just one more reason to have a Vitamix by your side! mix smooth batters quickly!

Stainless Ballon Whisk

Designed for maximum air incorporation; great for crepes batter. Dishwasher-safe!

Cucina Pro Griddles and Crepe Maker
















Stylish, modern griddle and crepe makers combine beauty and functionality. Non-stick aluminum plate; 5 temperature settings. 

Norpro Batter Dispenser

A handy tool for managing any batter --pancakes, cupcakes, and, of course, Crepes!

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