Classic Crab Boil Newsletter

August 14, 2018

CELEBRATE SUMMERTIME with friends and family with an impressive, delectable, and (easier than you think to pull-off) crab boil! IN THIS ISSUE, a flavorful feast is created by layering an aromatic broth, hearty potatoes, corn, Andouille sausage, and crab legs together in one or two really big pots. Pull out a few bibs, napkins, and plenty of crab crackers - and get ready to feast!

 Zyliss Seafood Cracker

These heavy-duty aluminum crackers help get to the tasty seafood quickly!

Le Creuset 10 qt stockpot

A large stockpot is key for a crab boil!

Stainless Steel Seafood Forks

Steel forks help in removing crab meat


 RSVP Shellfish Scissors

Slice through crab and lobster with ease with these scissors.

Progressive Butter Warmers

Keep  clarified butter warm with this candle-fueled butter warmer

Norpro Lemon Juicer

Squeezing citrus is a breeze with this ergonomic tool!

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