August Newsletter: Scrumptious Vegetables Fresh off the Grill

September 15, 2017

Stock up on seasonal produce at the farmers' market, and try some of these scrumptious, easy-to-grill vegetable dishes. IN THIS ISSUE, we break down the basics of grilling vegetables with a guide for veggies, A to Z. You'll also find three quick and tasty recipes featuring some of summer's best flavors. Let veggies take the lead!


Tools For Grilling Veggies

 Nordic Ware Grill & Shake Basket 

Stir-fry food over high grill heat in a jiffy. This perforated pan allows heat and flavor through while keeping food safely inside.  

Outset 20" Flat Skewers

Flat metal skewers are great for keeping food in place while grilling! Rosewood handles.

Rosle Stainless Barbecue Locking Tongs

The number one tool for the grill? Tongs! Easily grip and turn foods without piercing. Long handles make reaching easy. 

Nordic Ware Grill Topper

Prevent delicate foods from falling into the flames with this handy topper.

Emile Henry 14.5" Round Stone

Unique ceramic stone that's designed for high temperature cooking on the grill or in the oven. Use for all kinds of foods.

RSVP Grill Brush

Keep your grill clean with this heavy-duty cleaning tool. Stainless steel scraper tackles the tough spots.





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