A Sticky Situation

January 19, 2016

It’s probably happened to you; part of your gorgeous, delicate fish or half of your omelet is left clinging to the bottom of your pan like a cranky toddler hanging onto its mother’s leg. Proteins are notorious for sticking to uncoated pans, and if you buy a cheap nonstick pan to alleviate the situation everything sticks–except for the coating!

There are hundreds of non-stick pan choices out there, and most aren’t worth half of what they cost.  We are proud to have searched out the best in quality and performance for your cooking ease.

Swiss Diamond has been a customer favorite since we brought it in almost eight years ago and it continues to be one of our best-sellers to this day.  With a diamond-encrusted, PFOA-free coating this cookware withstands years of cooking and accidental scratches to remain flake free and as non-stick as day one. Because it can go in the oven up to 500o, it is our favorite pan for making frittatas.

Chantal’s Induction 21 is a ceramic-based non-stick that is made from a new Japanese steel that has copper powder imbedded in it for heat conductivity. The copper allows the heat to transfer from the encapsulated bottoms and up the sides which means no hot-spots or scorching like on pans of inferior stainless steel.

Evaco Cast is a ceramic-coated aluminum cookware.  One of the things we love about it is that it strikes a great balance between cooking quality and weight, coming in as our lightest weight cookware making it a superb choice for anyone who wants or needs a lighter pan that won’t scorch your food.

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