Prepping Your Summer Produce

May 09, 2016

One of the main complaints about vegetarian cooking is the prep time.  With a few tools you most likely have at home and a little technique, you’ll be breaking down heads of broccoli, gutting pomegranates and filleting mangos in no time!

Not just for kale, the Chef'n kale stripper works great for herbs like rosemary and cilantro, too. 

The OXO V-Blade Mandolin does an excellent job of cutting veggies almost any-which way, slicing, dicing and julienne with ease and consistency, making quick work of vegetable prep. And for $39.99 it’s a great value of a mandolin, which can run the hundreds! 


Play twister with your veggies with the OXO spiralizer. Its open-blade design accommodates long vegetables like zucchini and round vegetables like potatoes, cutting them into curly noodles. When you get down to the end of a vegetable, the food holder keeps your hands safe; it also acts as a storage cap. 

The Novis Vita-Juicer makes great juices and smoothies, but when it comes to prepping, you can also use it for making fresh veggie broths in no time!

One of our favorite peelers is the Westmark Reversable Peeler because of its single blade design and the fact that it works for right and left handed people, no matter which direction you peel in. Made in Germany and with a five year guarantee. 





















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