Question of the Month: How do I cook dried hominy?

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If you’re used to canned hominy, you are in for an awakening! There is a world of difference between canned and dried hominy in texture and flavor.

Here’s how the folks at Rancho Gordo do it:

To cook hominy, soak it in water for at least 6 hours and then drain it and discard the water. Fill a large pot with fresh water, add the hominy and a cut-up yellow or white onion, and put the pot over medium heat. Bring the water to a simmer and cook. Like many foods, you can cook hominy at a higher heat, but you risk the kernels falling apart, which isn’t a good thing in this case. The water the hominy cooks in isn’t particularly good once the hominy is done, so discard the water and add the hominy to the dish you are preparing. Soaked hominy cooked at a gentle simmer should take about 2 hours. Use a lid to control the intensity of the boil.

Two cups of dried hominy will yield about 6 cups of cooked posole. Store covered in the refrigerator, with the cooking liquid, for about 5 days. You can also freeze it.





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